Active Learning with special focus on Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning


Technology-Enabled Active Learning

Course Purpose: 

  • to developpe and to implement in both lectures and practice the Active Learning with a special focus on digital technology-enhanced collaborative learning;
  • to enhance his/her ICT skills for teaching to help his/her pedagogical and content knowledge.

Learning Outcomes: 

After the successful completion of the course, the trainees/students will be able to:
  • tanalyze the importance of Active Learning and to developpe the methods of Active Learning in their  practices; 
  • to use TPACK and ADDIE models; 
  • to comprise the collaborative learning and to improve the quality of the learning experience; 
  • to implement active and collaborative learning in their practice by using ICT.

Topic 1

Discussion of the active and collaborative learning concept, forms, methods, and techniques ( video lectures, concept map, group discussion)

Topic 2

TPACK Model (The TPACK game)

Topic 3

ADDIE model ( Instructional Design:  Analyze, design, develop, implement, evaluate)

Topic 4

Response systems (Mentimeter)

 Mentimeter - build a new presentation

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