The course Multimedia VATL help learns you how to use VATL-portal


VATL Help is a 'context-sensitive' help system designed for users who require information or assistance about the VATL portal, functionality, or services.  Clicking on the "?" button at the top of screen on VATL page will redirect you to a relevant webpage in this Help system. 

The Help system is organized into major topics. The expandable topic list in “Help” is displayed as a Table of Contents with these topics:

1.    Search VATL

The VATL repository is a database of metadata that describe 1) all the learning materials (including learning exercises), sometimes called learning objects, that have been contributed to the repository by VATL Members, and 2) the profiles of registered VATL Members.

VATL's search functions allow visitors to the VATL website, whether they are registered Members or not, to find information about the data stored in that database - learning materials and Members. There are many ways to search the repository for registered Members or for learning materials.

  • Advanced Course Search - search the VATL repository for learning materials
  • Advanced Member Search - search the VATL repository for registered Members
  • View Courses/Category  - look list of VATL courses/categories
  • Browse All Members - look list of VATL members

2.     My VATL Profile

Your profile is your identify or link within in VATL and to others that are looking for people like you in their field. What others see when they visit your profile page is entirely up to you. Below are explanations of each section of the profile to help you decide what you want to display to others. VATL Members are asked to update their Profiles on a regular basis. To do this, once logged in, click your name in the top right corner and select My Profile.  On your profile page, you can edit your email, password or your CV.

Any information in your profile can be updated.

Start your CV

VATL members have the ability to design their curriculum vitae (resumes) and members are asked to update their Profiles on a regular basis.

  • Contact Information
  • Skills and Interests
  • Positions Held
  • Teaching Experience 

3.    Membership

Membership is free but required to contribute to the collection. If you are a member of VATL and need to log in, click on the Log In link in the top right of the page.  If you are not a member of VATL, click on Sign Up link to complete a short form to register on the site.

Become a Member

The VATL website is freely available to anyone who wishes to browse and search any of the pages and the databases of VATL. However, there are many functions and services in VATL that require visitors to register as "Members" of the VATL community. Registration is easy, and it's free. We do not share our membership lists with anyone, nor do we spam registered VATL Members.

Registered VATL Members can:

  • Contribute learning materials to the collection.
  • Use VATL content builder tools to create webpages.
  • Participate in a discussion about a learning material.
  • Add a Learning Exercise to a learning material.
  • Develop a profile to help others in their community know more about them.

4.    Create Materials with VATL

The VATL Content Builder is a set of free tools base on Moodle LMS course content development tools that is integrated into VATL. It is directly accessible by logged-in members from the VATL home page. All learning objects built with VATL Content Builder tools are hosted by VATL.

Learning objects are easily created using VATL Content Builder's templates. You can view some of these examples on the Effective Uses of the VATL Content Builder Tool website (which was created with Content Builder).  For help using the VATL Content Builder, access the VATL Content Builder Users Guide.

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