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Overview & Application Links
 What is an Infographic?
 Top 5 Hacks for Piktochart
 Lots of Other Tools
 What do educators need to know?
 Tips and Tricks for Using Apps

What have you discovered about these tools? What would you want to share with your students to help them use these apps successfully? Add your thoughts to this Google doc. Your suggestions will be saved automatically.

Examples from SOU
 CIS Mission
 SOU Online
 Online Learning (2014 National Report)
 Online Learning (2015 National Report)
 CIS Outcomes
 Initial Considerations: Growing Online Enrollment
Design Tips
 All About Layout
 Design Like a Pro
 Understanding Color
 Color Schemes for Infographics
 Colour Lovers: Most Loved Palettes
 Color Schemer
 Adobe Color Wheel
Project Ideas
 Turn Your Syllabus into an Infographic

Possible Project Ideas

  • Illustrate course path (major topics, activities, skill development, etc.)
  • Highlight your course's "big ideas" or enduring understandings
  • Promote a concentration or certificate program
  • Lay out a curriculum
  • Describe a typical student in your program or reveal demographics of all your students
  • Compare and contrast two sides of a debate or dilemma
  • Frame potential careers for graduates in your discipline
  • Craft a visual CV or illustrate your research interest

 Student Project Ideas

How might you have students incorporate infographics in their work for your course? Share your ideas in this Google doc.

 Create a Time Line with Venngage
Sample Infographics
 Easel.ly - Course Redesign (Hart)
 Piktochart Example - Sentinel
 Piktochart Course Overview
 Piktochart - unemployment levels
 Smore - Sentinel
 Smore - Bee poster
 Thinglink - Hives
 Thinglink - interactive infographic w/commentary

Used by the instructor to encourage critical thinking

More Examples
 An Ethical Island
 Cool Infographics
 Top 10 Learning Techniques
 Top 10 Piktocharts from 2013
 Daily Infographic
 Amazing Food Infographics
 Funny Infographics
 83 Best Infographics
 Ending the Infographic Plague
 How a Civil War Vet Invented the American Infographic
 Why Lincoln Loved Infographics
 Infographics According to Wikipedia
 Entertaining View of Pie Chart Data
 5 Ways to Leverage Visual Design for Better eLearning

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