VATL courses

Language and Culture in Academic Context

Section 1
Section 2
 How to Write a Thesis
 How to Write a Thesis
Section 3
 Academic Language
 Academic Language
Section 4
 Vocabulary in the Academic Language
 Teaching Vocabulary in the Academic Context
 Academic Language
Section 5
 Summary Writing
Section 6
 The Concept of Ethnicity
 Race and Representation
 Race and Ethnicity
Section 7
 How to Write a Scientific Article
 A Scientific Paper
Section 8
 Mid-term Assignment
Section 9
 The Internet Language Peculiarities
 The Internet Language
 The Role of the Internet in Language Learning
Section 10
 Translation in Language Learning
 Translation Process
Section 11
 Pragmatic Knowledge
 Conscious and Unconscious Meaning
 What is Pragmatics?
Section 12
 Bilingual Education
 Bilingualism and Education
Section 13
 Intercultural Communication Debate
 Secrets of Cross-Cultural Communication
Section 14
 Theory Reflections
 Theory Reflections
Section 15
 Academic Reading Skills
 Reading Skills
Section 16
 Final Report

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