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Video technologies in the educational process

Category: Academic Support Services

Course purpose is to review different ways to use
video as a learning tool effectively and to learn some common types of video, t
o practice using mobile
application and computer programs.

Course methodology includes a combination of lecture and practice sessions. 

Key topics:

  • Using Video in
  • Overview of types of video
  • Software tools
    for creating video
  • Practical
    examples of educational
  • The process of
    creating video (planning, recording and editing)
  • Tips & Tricks about
    Video Capturing

  • Making a project plan and a script.
  • Each group will capture and create a short video.
  • Create videos by using the mobile application or software.
  • Create video learning materials using the tools presented.
  • Making and editing videos (group assignment).
After finishing the course the trainees will be able to:
– identify advantages and
disadvantages of using video in teaching and learning;
– apply good
practices, software tools, tips and tricks for video recording;
– create video learning materials using the tools presented

Start Date:  Tuesday, 24 November 2020
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