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Video as a learning tool for teachers and students: educational video requirements, educational video formats

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The influence of digital videos on our everyday culture is undeniable. Online video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe boast monthly audience numbers in the millions.

With digital videos continuing to gain popularity, it seems only natural that this familiar and widespread platform extends into the education setting.

Students today are utilizing educational videos as a tool for learning everything from changing a tire to the latest dance craze. Remarkably, millennials make up 92% of the digital video viewing audience. Abstract topics that once seemed difficult to teach and learn are now more accessible and understandable thanks to the availability of educational videos.

Studies have shown that the use of short video clips allows for more efficient processing and memory recall. The visual and auditory nature of videos appeals to a wide audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s natural to them.

 The use of videos in teaching and learning serves to not only benefit students, but also teachers and their affiliated institutions. A 2015 study conducted by software company Kaltura concluded that 93% of teachers believe that the use of educational videos improves the learning experience. They also serve to break down barriers, such as student and campus location, which were once insurmountable.

As a result, educational institutions are faced with the task of meeting the rising demand for quality learning videos, online course offerings and campus accessibility. Indeed, many are choosing to create their own educational videos. While this idea may seem daunting, it can be a positive and enjoyable experience if you contract a full-service video production company that can tailor your videos to your institution’s individual needs.

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