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Theoretical Phonetics

Category: Education

 The course «Theoretical phonetics» is intended for students who are training for the
following majors: linguistics, cultural studies, translation and interpreting, teaching methods.
In order to master the discipline, students have to:

 • have previously studied the following disciplines: «Introduction to linguistics»,
«Practical phonetics» and «Practical grammar»;

 • have achieved the upper-intermediate level of the English language (B2+/ IELTS 6-7/

 • be able to use the English language as a tool to obtain information from foreign sources
for educational purposes; 

• be able to use major skills of cognitive, research and project activity;

 • be able to communicate efficiently and interact in the process of collaboration;

 • be able to use ICT means for educational purposes.

 This syllabus is designed for lecturers teaching the «Theoretical phonetics» course and outlines the main learning objectives and outcomes, the thematic plan of the
course, the number of hours, as well as the reading list and the grading system.

Start Date:  Friday, 21 February 2020
Topics: 8

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