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Practical English Advanced

Category: Humanities

Practical English Advanced is a course that puts stress on forming well
informed, smart and flexible students. The course is designed to meet modern
students’ needs and demands accenting communication. Practical English Advanced is not a mere course in General English;
it is a bridge between General English and English for Specific Purposes.

Each lesson
provides us with a chance not only to study “the umbrella topic” but also go
further and deeper in our exploration, challenge students develop their
academic, soft and social skills, transfer from routine training into the world of
creativity. Each lesson gives students an opportunity to learn interesting
things about the world, different cultures, and people.

The course includes activities that focus on developing not only
academic but also career skills such as critical thinking, critical reading and
critical listening. Task-based approach, the authenticity of the texts for reading
and listening make students perform the given task in a more personally
engaged, purposeful, and questioning way.

Start Date:  Wednesday, 19 February 2020
Topics: 6

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