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Video as Learning Tool for Teachers and Students: Topics

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To complete all modules you need to work about 4 hours per week during 4 weeks. To achieve better results, we recommend that you explore all the resources and complete all the proposed activites.
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Why is it important to have quality videos?

In this module we will promote a reflection on the importance of producing good quality videos, both in terms of content as well as technical aspects.

What you will learn in this module

  • Video as a teaching and learning strategy

  • Definition and typology of educational videos

  • Video production context and its application
Different videos will be suggested to be implemented in the context of online courses, as well as their application in context.

What you will learn in this module

  • Narrative planning

  • Filling the script

  • Risks of the absence of planning
In this module, we will discuss the importance of planning in video production. How does the preparation (or non preparation) of the text and script influence the quality of the final video.

What you will learn in this module

  • Good practices and common mistakes in video production

  • Quick guide to camera shot
We will analyse some technical and performative elements concerning the presenter that have a direct impact on the quality of the final video.

Knowledge consolidation

Finally, in this module you will have the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge obtained during the course. For this, we propose reading the manual and taking the final quiz.

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