VATL courses

Building Web Applications: Topics

Introduction, Semantics, Structure and elements of HTML

  • CSS first steps
  • CSS building blocks
  • Styling text
  • CSS Layout

  • JavaScript
    first steps
  • JavaScript building blocks
  • Introducing
    JavaScript objects
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
  • Client-side web APIs

  • Installing XAMPP
    software package;
  • Apache server and
    PHP basic settings;
  • Web application architecture;
  • Writing a PHP program.

PHP Basics Embedding PHP in HTML Keywords, Expressions, Comments, Variables, Declaring and Using Operators, Using Constants, Data Types, Using Variables, Functions, Increment and Decrement Operators

PHP Control Structures: if ... else, if ... elseif,  switch statements

PHP Loops: for, foreach, while, do ... while, break and continue statements

PHP Arrays, Associative Arrays, Multidimensional
Arrays, Sorting Arrays, Sorting Multidimensional Arrays, Reordering Arrays,
Array Manipulations Using Functions

String functions manipulate string data, Numeric
functions manipulate numeric data, Date and Time functions manipulate date data,
Math Functions, Using Include() and
Require(), Formatting Strings, Joining ang Splitting Functions with String
Functions, Comparing Strings,
Matching and Replacing Substrings with String Functions.

Introduction to Regular Expressions, Finding and
Replacing  Substrings with Regular
Expressions, Splitting Strings with Regular Expressions.

Introduction to Functions, Basic Function Structure, Parameters, Returning a
value, Pass by Value pass by Reference, Local and Global Variables, Recursion

Creating and Processing Forms. GET POST Methods and
their difference. PHP Form Validation

Processing Files:

  • Opening a File, 
  • Writing to a File,
  • Closing a File, 
  • Reading from a File, 
  • Using other File

  • Uploading Files to Server;
  • Using Directory Functions;
  • Interacting with the
    file system.

  • Understanding Basic
    Session Functionality;
  • Implementing Sessions;

  • Implementing
    Authentication with Session Control

  • Understanding
    Object-Oriented Concepts;
  • Creating Classes,
    Attributes, and Operations in PHP;
  • Implementing Inheritance
    in PHP;
  • Understanding Advanced
    Object-Oriented Functionality in PHP.

  • Overview of Databases;
  • Basic SQL Operations;
  • Data Types in SQL;
  • Database Keys and Indexes.

Relational Database Design, Normalization and
Foreign Keys, Building a Physical Data
Schema and Database Relationships

  • Inserting Data into the Database;
  • Retrieving
    Data from the Database;
  • Updating Records in the
  • Altering Tables After
  • Deleting Records from
    the Database;
  • Dropping Tables;
  • Dropping a whole

  • Web Database Architecture
  • Querying a Database from the Web

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