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Innovative and Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning: Active Learning with special focus on Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning

Category: Education

Introduction to the method of Active Learning with
special emphasis on technology enhanced collaborative learning, which will
enable the participants to use these innovative learning technologies for
promoting interaction and collaboration in the teaching and learning
environments in their home universities.

During this course the following topics will be covered:

Part 1 – An Introduction into Active and Collaborative Learning

  • What is active learning
  • What is collaborative learning
  • How to introduce it into you course and colleagues’ experiences

Part 2 – Instructional Design: The Basics for Designing a Good Course

  • Knowledge needed as a teacher (TPACK Model)
  • Instructional design components (KU Leuven Model)
  • Instructional design process (ADDIE Model)
  • Instructional design in practice (5 phases of ADDIE Model)

Part 3 – Methods and Techniques for Active Learning

  • For transferring content and achieving learning goals
  • For promoting interactivity in the classroom
  • For assessment
  • For organization of curriculum and teaching/coaching activities

Start Date:  Monday, 23 March 2020
Topics: 16

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