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Language and Culture in Academic Context

Category: Education

The course aims:

  • to inform the students about the
    cultural and scientific features of Academic English;
  • to develop written and oral skills
    specific to EAP - reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing
    skills (research paper writing), and speaking skills.  


course sets up the following deliverables:

  • to use the English language in
    different areas of communication;
  • to
    conduct practical exercises improving effective intercultural
    communication in English;
  • to
    apply the knowledge of the basic functional features of the English
    language in scientific analysis, interpretation and translation of
    relevant texts, and other forms of communication;
  • to implement the acquired
    theoretical knowledge in practice.


The following forms and methods of teaching and learning are used:

Lectures, seminar trainings, individual and group work, peer and
individual research work, presentations, written and oral examination/ test.

Start Date:  Wednesday, 01 July 2020
Topics: 16

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