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Communication 1.1 Project Management at the Movies!

In my Project Management course, this forum is generally my students' favorite each year.... notice that I model the kind of response I'm looking for by adding a discussion topic to lead off the forum. I've also set this up in a blog-like format so that everyone will see all of the responses. I ...

Courses A standard forum for general use
An open forum in which anyone can start a new topic at any time. Teachers can rate posts.
Each person posts one discussion
In this forum, each participant can only start one discussion. Everyone can then reply to any of the discussions.
A single discussion
There are no separate discussions here - just one thread. Useful for short, focussed discussions.
Assignment Open discussion 0
Glossaries Practice Discussion: Introduction

Woman computing

Discussion forums are for sharing thoughts and ideas about course content and its application. For each discussion, the course main page displays the total number of posts and the total number of unread posts.

The instructor can set up discussions so that students must post before seeing replies...