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Page Find a Broken Link?
Search system Page Search for news, help and other info resources (text decryption)

Page Search for learning resources (text decryption)
Page Search a member of community (text decryption)
Page Sample Syllabus & Calendar

I've embedded a Google calendar for my Project Management course in a page (see Oct.Dec. dates for events). I had to make the calendar public in order for students to view it without having to be logged into their Google accounts. I also added an infographic providing a visual representation of my syllabus.

How to create a community member? Page Registration (text decryption)

In order to communicate with other users, to participate discussions, to create or to learn courses user should do registration.

Book Leadership Communication Development Plan

Team"Books" allow you to share a great deal of information in one link. Basically, they are a series of pages that you can provide text in and embed files or videos. This is an example of how you can use a book to share information about a term project.

URL Chat module documentation
Communication Page Connection (text decription)
Page Send messages (text decription)
URL Choice module documentation
URL 1.2 Forum Ideas

This is an example of linking a dynamic Google doc to a web site to engage course participants. When I am using a shared doc synchronously in a training session, I add a table with rows like this to make it easier for people to know where to write. Otherwise, it's really chaotic!

Page 1.3 More on Forums

Ideas for different kinds of forums to engage your students and how to balance involvement in forums.

Page 1.4 About Forum "Locking"

This thread is closedMany instructors would like to set open and close dates for discussions, but there isn't a good way to do that yet (as far as I know!). We had hopes for discussion "locking," but it doesn't work the way we thought it would. See this page if you'd like to learn more.

Page About Assignments

Moodle's Assignment feature is useful and versatile.

Page Enable Students to Share Their Work

NewWe often get requests from instructors for help with enabling their students to share work with their classmates. Depending on your needs, creating a forum or adjusting the permissions for a folder might do the trick.

Page Grading Text Submissions

Check out what it looks like when you go to grade submissions!

Page Tip: Due Date Verification

Here's an easy way to make sure that due dates are correct for all your assignments (and other activities).

Page 3.2 Group Choice Plug-in

Tired of circulating group sign-up sheets — how would you like to have Moodle enroll students in a group based on their choosing the topic? With the "Group Choice" plug-in, you can!

Discussion Page Participate discussions (text decription)

URL Database module documentation
Courses Page Course environment (text decription)
Page Create courses (text decription)
URL Forum module documentation
Page Labels as Signposts

Labels are great for organizing materials in your course!

Page Completion Tracking

CheckCompletion tracking not only helps students keep track of what they've done and what they need to do, it also helps you track what they are doing.

Page One Section Per Page Format

Knight slaying a dragonNo one wants to create the dread Moodle Death Scroll! Here's a simple and elegant solution to try.

Also, check out the description of Collapsed Topics in the More Plugins! book below.

Page Stealth Activities

One of the new features as of Moodle 3.3, here's an explanation of how you might take advantage of an activity that is hidden, but available.

This explanation starts with a fix for how to undo this setting if you got there by mistake.....

Page Plug-Ins You Might Love

PluginStandard Moodle is great, Moodle with these plug-ins is even better!

Page Checklist Plugin
Book More Plugins!

These plugins are new to us. We are using them in version 3.5.

Book My Favorite Blocks

Blocks are one of the most useful tools in your Moodle arsenal. Check out my favorites.

Page Course Banner

Including a course banner at the top of your main course page adds interest and helps participants know what course they're in. Open this page for another way to help course participants keep track of where they are and learn how to add an image to your course name in the dashboard.

Page Is Your Banner Image Too Wide?

NewSometimes, the image you insert for your course banner is wider than the viewing space, resulting in the insertion of a horizontal scroll bar. Find out here how you can avoid that (and take advantage of this technique in other text fields, as well!).

This explanation arose in Learn Moodle 3.7 (this one's for you, Twahir!).

Page Add a Banner for the Dashboard

Customize the image shown in the "card" view of courses listed in the dashboard

Page View Activity Logs

Sometimes it's useful to see how your learners are interacting with course materials. Activity logs can reveal all!

Page Using the Gradebook

Cartoon image: Grade all the things!Moodle's gradebook is a bit daunting at first, but once you "get" it, it's really useful both as a course management tool and as a means of communication with students.

Page Badges

Team badgeWondering how to create a badge? Here's a quick description for you, based on what I've learned along the way. One of the big things I just learned was to check the settings of the items you're going to use as the basis for awarding a badge — be sure that you'll be rewarding the behavior that you want to reward!

Page Record a Comment

Add a personal touch to your course with the record feature in the Atto editor.

Page Tips for Your Learn Moodle Practice Course

Practice course infographic thumbnailRecommendations for managing your practice course including instructions for customizing your course welcome message and changing role names.

Lessons URL Lesson module documentation
Page Integrated Course Design

Integrated Course Design Banner

We've been doing a lot of work in redesigning courses with our faculty. I hope you find this interesting.

Quizzes Page Quiz Creation Guides

Step-by-step instructions for creating quizzes

URL Quiz module documentation
Page Recommendations for Quizzes

We're all concerned about test integrity. These suggestions might be helpful.

Resources Page A web page
File An image
File An MP3 file
File A Pdf file
URL Resources documentation
SCORM packages URL SCORM module documentation
Surveys URL Survey module documentation
Wikis URL Wiki module documentation
Workshops URL Worshop module documentation
Assignment URL Assignment module documentation
Glossaries URL Glossary module documentation
Book Orientation to Online Learning

This book is an example of how you can use "Available but not shown on course page" to build a seamless learning experience for your learners. It is a stripped-down version of a multi-chapter book of orientation materials for an online masters program at my university. New students must complete the orientation in order to be able to view other materials in the course. Here's how we introduce it:

As you proceed through this orientation, you will have the chance to practice making a discussion forum post, submitting a practice assignment, and taking a quiz to check your understanding. You must participate in all three of these activities in order to successfully complete this orientation and access the other materials and resources in this course.

Note: You do not have to complete all three activities at one time—feel free to return to this orientation and work through it at your convenience.

Page How did I do that?

This is easy to do!Builder

Feedback Page Questionnaires
The Questionnaire plug-in allows you to survey your learners inside Moodle.
Backup Page Copy (Import) a Prior Course

NewOne of the most convenient aspects of Moodle is being able to copy an entire course or parts of a course from a prior edition into a new course shell.

URL Read about copying a course for a new set of learners

Posted in the Course Management area

Page Recycle Your Practice Course!

If you are considering participating in a future edition of Learn Moodle, you may want to start your practice course where you're leaving off in the current edition. See how easy it is here.