Leadership Communication Development Plan


Leadership Communication Now that we're starting to think about leadership communication in general, it's time to start getting specific. The good news is, it's all about you!

Rather than being assigned a research or term paper for this course, you will each draft and polish a leadership communication development plan (LCDP) based on a checklist provided in the Leadership Communication text. The plan will consist of three parts which we will approach incrementally throughout the term in order to keep this project manageable. The plan worksheets are attached below for your reference. Your completed plan will consist of:
  • Part 1: Self-Assessment
  • Part 2: Goal Setting
  • Part 3: Action Plan

Please note:

  • The worksheet that you complete for each part of your plan will serve as a guideline for your final paper, but the plan you submit will consist of a narrative report without the guiding questions posed in the worksheets.
  • You will not turn in the checklist itself as part of your project; it is for your reference only.
  • While a certain level of soul-searching will be inherent in the creation of your plan, I do not expect you to disclose matters which are deeply personal to you. I do expect that you will demonstrate some degree of self-awareness and self-reflection in your plan, but you should not feel obligated to reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. All plans will remain confidential as a matter of academic policy.
  • You may not submit a leadership plan created for another course as your project for this course. While work you have completed previously may inform your approach to this assignment, the actual requirements differ from those of any other course and necessitate a fresh attempt.

Please post any questions you might have regarding this assignment in the Q&A forum. Odds are good that you're not the only one wondering about something!