Course Banner

Add an image to the Course summary text box to help your students recognize your course from their home page. (See below for instructions about adding a banner to your dashboard.)

The courses below are currently appearing on the home page of students in our Innovation and Leadership degree program. They can quickly locate the course they need to work in because of the miniature course banner that we have inserted in the Description options area under Edit settings in the Course administration block. Be sure to size your images to about 100 pixels in height. Don't add too much text—they may have many courses on their home page and you don't want your course to take up too much room.

List of courses

Banner Images in Dashboards

Curious about adding an image to your course name as it appears in the dashboard? Go to the Edit settings page as described above, and upload a copy of your banner image in the Course summary files box:

Screenshot of course summary files box

I found that a version of my banner three times as wide as it is tall displayed well, but I have sometimes had to go as far as four times as wide as tall.

Last modified: Monday, 8 July 2019, 7:52 AM