Send messages (text decription)

At the top of user profile we see a marker about new 2 private messages, after press a blue envelope – we see a list of messages, two new unread messages are highlighted blue. Let's read the top message and send the answer. After Send the replay appears Message sent successfully. We can edit ore delite the message. Let's write a new message. We can write the name of user in the field or we

 can select a connection to send a message to someone from the drop-down list. Then we write a text of message and Send message. We see a message Message sent successfully. Let's choose only messages which were sent by definite user. For this in the search window write the name of definite user, press search button. Here is the result.

Let's send a message from the interface of user profile. Go to the list of users, choose someone. At the profile page there is a tab Messages, here there are to opportunities: Send private message and send e-mail to user. The interface for messages is the same. Also we can send an e-mail. E-mail communication goes threw e-mails of user profiles.

Press Send e-mail and we see a message Your e-mail was sent successfully.

Last modified: Monday, 5 August 2019, 11:29 PM