Connection (text decription)

In the VATL-community user can create the connection with other members of the community.


What means a connection in the VATL-community. This is something like friendship in social networks.


If I press the menu link Manage connection, I see all members of the community with whom I am in connection. I can change a status of connected users: to choose one or some roles from drop-down list: Friend, Co worker, Family; and I can also write a shot comment or description in the bottom field. Press Update to save changes.


Now let's visit a page of connected user. Here we see a remark: You are directly connected with focus user.


How to create a new connection? Let's go to the page of the user with whom we have no established connection. Here we can send a request connection. We have received the message: Connection pending Acceptance.


In the VATL-community we can meet the user, who is not connected with us, but he stays in connection with our friends. Here we see the connection path to the focus user. It has  2 degrees. I am connected with this user, he is connected with the focus user. Here there is the button Request connection.


Now I check my connections. Here I see one requested connection is waited an approvment.


Let's see the situation from the position of the requested user. Relogin as the requested user. Press manage connection and we see a message: Below you see users proposing to connect with you. You have the choice to accept or decline their request. Accept the request and update the profile.

Last modified: Monday, 5 August 2019, 11:27 PM