Plug-Ins You Might Love

building blocksIf your installation does not include these plug-ins, you might want to ask your Moodle administrator to look into adding them.


With an Attendance link, you can quickly keep track of who's in class and who isn't. You can customize the settings (by default: Present, Late, Excused and Absent) to suit your needs. I generally set my Attendance up for High Participation, Low Participation, Excused and Absent. Besides checking off who's in class, I can also add individual comments to students. Students can track their attendance, as well, helping them be more responsible for it. You can read more about Attendance here.


Send email messages to individuals, to groups or to users with a particular role in your course site. One of the things I find handiest about Quickmail is its History function. All messages that you send are kept in your History. When you view a sent message, you can update its recipients and/or content and send it out again as revised. The original message remains in the History and you didn't have to copy or paste anything to resend it to another student. All messages go out as blind copies (bcc), so each student only sees that it came to him/her; any other students who may have received it will not be identified to them.


You can survey your students with the questionnaire plug-in. Save a questionnaire as a template to allow others to use it. For instance, we have a template for faculty who plan to give proctored exams online. Using the template ensures that they ask the questions that they need to without having to draft a single one. Responses can be exported in a spreadsheet if you'd like.

Lightbox Gallery

A lightbox gallery is a handy way to share a batch of images with students. You can tag images for easy retrieval. You can see an example here in this course.


Want to provide a certificate of completion for your course? This plug-in will allow you to do just that!

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