My Favorite Blocks

3. Add a Block Anywhere

If you're already using blocks, there may have been times when you were in the Grade Book and wished you could open up Quickmail to send a student a message. Or maybe you were looking at one quiz and wished the Activities block was available to give you a shortcut to a different quiz. In both cases, you'd have to return to your course home page in order to access the block. Relief is at hand!

Configure block iconInstructors can configure a block so that it appears in every page of a course site. Blocks that are made to be "sticky" this way are available to all users.

To have a block displayed on every page:

  1. Turn editing on in your course.
  2. Add the desired block.
  3. Pass your mouse over the top border of the block to reveal the editing icons associated with the block.
  4. Click on the Configure ... block icon highlighted at right.
  5. Open the drop-down menu for the Display on page types options.
  6. Select Any page.
  7. To adjust where the block appears, set the weight number—choose between -10 (top of the column) to 10 (bottom of the column). Reopen the Configure ... block page and change the weight again if the block doesn't display where you want it to.
  8. Save changes.

Sticky block