Orientation to Online Learning

Orientation Overview

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Welcome to Moodle!

This orientation:

  • introduces you to Moodle and its navigation, and provides access to Moodle Student Resources.
  • provides an overview of the qualities and characteristics of a successful online learner, and offers helpful tips and strategies to help you reach your highest learning potential in the online environment.
  • features a review of academic writing, a critical component of your college career, including a focus on plagiarism and how to avoid it.
  • describes communication and collaboration tools, including discussion forums and messages, and details conventions of online communication that will help you be successful in your coursework.
  • details assessment tools — assignments, quizzes, exams, projects, surveys, and more — used to facilitate meaningful learning activities, and provides tips for test-taking.

As you proceed through this material, you will have the chance to practice making a discussion forum post, submit a practice assignment, and take a quiz to check your understanding. You must participate in all three of these activities in order to successfully complete this orientation and access the other materials and resources in this course.


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