1.1 Project Management at the Movies!

In my Project Management course, this forum is generally my students' favorite each year.... notice that I model the kind of response I'm looking for by adding a discussion topic to lead off the forum. I've also set this up in a blog-like format so that everyone will see all of the responses. I don't want anyone to miss out on the postings of their classmates.

PM at the Movies!

Woody & BuzzWhat do Apollo 13 and Toy Story have in common (besides Tom Hanks!)? They are all about project management!

Project management is everywhere, right? Tell us about a movie you've seen that exemplifies good (or bad!) PM behaviors. Rather than just give us a synopsis of the movie, get specific about the PM behaviors it illustrates. Be sure to describe any pertinent scenes in adequate detail to convince us that it merits your thumbs up or thumbs down.

Use the Add a new discussion topic link to create your post. Give us the name of the movie you'll be describing in the subject line. See this Guide to Images for information on inserting images in a forum post.

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