Leadership Communication Development Plan

Part 1: Taking Stock

Key docsYou will begin your self-assessment by completing this checklist representing a wide range of communication skills. Be as objective as you can about your abilities. If you are good at something, acknowledge it! Likewise, if you haven't had any experience in a particular area, you most likely need to develop those skills.

Once you have filled out the checklist, use this worksheet to score your current abilities in these areas, then evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Consider each section of the checklist as a whole--how are your skills in each general area?

There are no set standards for evaluating your current skills--it's up to you to apply your own standards to these rankings. They should reflect your opinion solely. How do you think you are doing? What feedback do you receive from others about your skills in these areas? Invest some time thinking about the follow-up questions as they will form the basis for the narrative that you will prepare for the HR director when you draft your formal LCDP for your annual review.

Part I will provide the foundation of the Introduction to your LCDP. A polished draft of this section of your plan will be submitted for review early in the fourth week of class. Be sure to review the related section of the LCDP Score Sheet as you prepare your draft.